Why co-work here.

Yes, we have beautiful and stylish spaces, chock-full of vibrant energy and motivated people… all fueled by incredible, local coffee. But, it’s bigger than that. It’s the people – and how we connect – that make your business better.

We Value

Intertwine with the outside community and our members. Value personal connections and work to know at least one thing about each community member.
Love what you do. Look for opportunities to engage, break the ice and build relationships with one another.
Invest in doing great things. Be accountable and committed to every employee and community member. Build customer loyalty, value and trust.
Care about each other. Create a positive team spirit. Build loyalty and trust.
Strive for a growth mindset. Stay curious and work to be better. Share a love for learning and look forward to challenges.

“Life is connected by the moments we share.”