Referral Promotion

Gather Member Referral Rewards

for offices
for co-working

How does it work?

  1. Members refer friends to any Gather location using the form above
  2. Encourage friends to join before August 31st
  3. Get paid once referral signs up.

Questions? Email referrals@workatgather.com

Let's Do This

It's looking hot out there.
What better way to cool off than with some cold hard cash.

Fine Print

Referral rewards available for Gather members only. Referral rewards available during promotional period only. Referral rewards available for all Gather locations where are availabilities. Office referral rewards granted on a per-office basis (ie: if one referral purchases six offices, member recieces bonus on all six offices. If two referrals purchase one office together, member recieved bonus on that single office). Co-working referral rewards granted on a per co-working or dedicated desk membership basis. No rewards granted for pay-as-you-go referrals. Promotional rewards to be delivered to referring member within one month of payment recieved by Gather from referral. Gather reserves the right to discontinue referral program at anytime to the fine print?