With Gather’s member referral program, you can get Amazon gift cards for signing new members! Refer friends below and if they sign up, you both get Amazon gift cards. Cha-ching!

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Fine Print

Referral rewards available for current Gather members and their referrals only. Referral rewards only available during promotional limited time promotion period. Referral rewards available for all Gather locations where there is membership availability. Office referral rewards granted on a per-office basis (ie: if one referral purchases six offices, member receives bonus on all six offices. If two referrals purchase one office together, member receives bonus on that single office). Coworking referral rewards granted on a per coworking or dedicated desk membership basis. Only new Office, Dedicated Desk, and standard Coworking memberships are eligible for a reward. No other memberships are valid for this referral program. All referral bonuses will be paid to the referring member person and not the member company. Promotional rewards to be delivered to referring Gather member within one month of payment received by Gather from referral. Gather reserves the right to discontinue referral program at anytime. Start Date: February 25, 2020. For a limited time only.