Christy Hall
Assitant Regional Director - Richmond
Jonathan Greenhill
Director of Community Engagement
Address: Winterfield Crossing
Phone: 804-664-0209


Gather is excited to announce that we are joining the Midlothian Community this Winter! Learn more by scheduling time with our Community Manager:

Gather Midlothian will be a part of the up and coming Winterfield Crossing development. Boasting shops, restaurants, and more, Winterfield Crossing will give Gather Midlothian an excellent neighborhood to thrive in.

Members of our Midlo location will have access to Coworking, Dedicated Desks, and Private offices. They will also enjoy amenities such as local brewed coffee, conference rooms, printing, high speed internet, community events and so much more! And don’t forget you still get access to all of our other locations!

Are you interested in Gather Midlothian? Fill out the form to the right and we’ll add you to our interest list!

Can’t wait to join the Gather community? Join one of our other locations and we’ll transfer you over to Midlothian when it’s ready. Join now and have your pick of offices when the time comes!


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Fun fact: Early Midlothian was once a crucial coal mining community for Richmond and Virginia

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$250 / month

Co-create, co-mingle and co-produce? Yes! Cowork here for $250/month! Grab a seat, book a conference room and enjoy lunch with your new coworkers… there is space for you to gather throughout each of our functional & fun facilities. Want to see & be seen? Our cafe spaces are spot on. Need a little privacy? Grab a Phone Booth & take your video chat or dive into that big project.

Small Teams
People trying to get away from their kitchen tables

Dedicated Desk

$350 / month

Prefer a designated place for your daily to-dos? The Dedicated Desk option for $350/month has you covered with your specific desk and chair, especially for you. A locking filing cabinet secures your stuff when you are away, and you’ll still be able to connect with all the coworking perks above.

Small Teams
People tired of lugging their 2nd monitor around

Office Space

Pricing starts at $500 / month

Need more elbow room and a bit of privacy for you, or for your team? Your desk & chair are included in your Office Space for $500+/month. All coworking perks included, plus you can stash your stuff in your desk and lock the door when you leave!

Small Teams
Large Teams

Pay As You Go

$80 / month

Only need to gather for a short time, or not sure how much co-creating you need right now? Why not stay in the know and Pay As You Go for $80/month? Spend your credit as you see fit – from $20/day for coworking to a deposit on a conference room or space rental, work with your community manager to pick the best way to invest your monthly balance.

New to Coworking
Minimal need for space
Travellers who will pop in once or twice a month


Cookie Hour
Phone booths